HTML + CSS Crash Course. Your First Web Development Project.

  • All tools required will be provided for free

HTML + CSS for beginners.  Learn all about HTML & CSS with this crash course for beginners.  You’ll learn how to use HTML & CSS by doing an actual web development project!

When you’re finished with this course you’ll have completed your first web development project with a real web page.

You’ll learn all of the following…

  • the basics of HTML
  • best practices for HTML structure
  • the basics of CSS
  • best practices for CSS
  • the foundation of both HTML and CSS
  • my top 3 recommended text editors
  • how to use tags for headlines, paragraphs and more
  • how to divide your page into different sections with div tags
  • how to style your page for pixel perfect design
  • how to add text and image links
  • how to code a link to open in a new tab
  • and much more
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners of HTML should take this course
  • Beginners of CSS should take this course
  • Anyone that wants to learn the basic fundamentals of coding a web page should take this course