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PostgreSQL Tutorials For Beginners

  • Some basic knowledge on DBMS and SQL language.
  • No particular programming experience is required.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. This tutorial is designed to give details to PostgreSQL, relational database concepts, and the SQL language. It has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the concepts related to PostgreSQL Database.

The training will include the following:

  • Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Syntax
  • Data Types
  • Create Database
  • Select Database
  • Drop Database
  • Create Table
  • Drop Table
  • Schema
  • Insert Query
  • Select Query
  • Operators
  • Expressions
  • Where Clause
  • AND & OR Clauses
  • Update Query
  • Delete Query
  • Like Clause
  • Limit Clause
  • Order By Clause
  • Group By
  • With Clause
  • Having Clause
  • Distinct Keyword
Who is the target audience?
  • Professionals
  • Students


This Black Friday, shop smart. Learn new skills from $9.99